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Fortune 1000 Companies:


If any of the issues below are applicable, contact EMD today:
  • Is your company currently involved in a Federal tax audit and will need to file RAR amended State income tax returns?


  • Does your company pay at least $3 million annually in total State income tax (excluding Franchise taxes)?


  • Did your company recently receive a large state tax liability via notice/audit, but you have no time to research/resolve it?


  • Do you need a temp Tax SVP or is your Tax Team short-staffed for peak season, year-end or any special projects?


  • Has your company recently acquired/sold an entity or is it looking to acquire/sell an entity in the near future?


Individuals & Small Businesses:


If any of the issues below are applicable, contact EMD today:



  • Do you need help starting a business and choosing the best type of entity or did you recently start a business?


  • Are you currently spending time on your taxes, bookkeeping, payroll and annual reports instead of growing your business?


  • Do you have delinquent tax returns for one or many tax years that were never filed?


  • Did you receive a tax notice of an upcoming tax audit or unexpected tax bill or tax lien?


  • Have you recently experienced a life-changing event (birth, death, marriage, divorce, property purchase or sale, etc.)?