Accounting & Payroll Services

It's crucial for business owners to see a quick overview of their business' financial health and the key details so they can make improvements.  Equally as important is knowing that their employees get paid accurately and timely, but all of this information is only as good as the preparer.  EMD offers the ultimate peace-of-mind through the following world-class accounting and payroll services in a one-stop shop for a fixed monthly fee:


  • Monthly Income Statement (Summary & Detail);

  • Monthly Balance Sheet (Summary & Detail);

  • Monthly Trial Balance;

  • Monthly Bank Account Reconciliation;

  • Monthly in-person/conference call meeting to review results;

  • Quarterly IRS/State estimated tax payment analyses;

  • All reports are custom-created specific to your business.


  • Weekly payroll electronically processing via direct deposit;

  • Weekly pay-stubs emailed to employees;

  • Weekly Payroll Report detail emailed to employer;

  • Monthly IRS/State tax forms e-filed;

  • Monthly IRS/State tax payments paid via EFT;

  • Annual IRS 940 (& State equivalent), Forms W2 & Forms W3 e-filed;

  • Annual Forms W-2 emailed to employees.

Add-on Services:

  • Monthly/Quarterly Sales/Use Tax services;

  • Annual Report services (w/Secretary of State);

  • Annual Subcontractor services (Forms 1096, 1099MISC, and 1099NEC);

  • On-demand Consultations (Tax, Business, Financial, etc.).