Amended State & City Tax Returns

A majority of Fortune 1000 Tax Departments are staffed very lean and most times need assistance in handling amended tax return projects.  Federal audit RAR’s, Federal 1120X amended returns and Federal 1139 amended returns can create a massive state/city tax compliance burden on tax departments that are responsible for multi-state companies due to the volume, tight-deadlines and complexities involved. 

EMD has extensive experience in eliminating this entire burden from your tax department, so that all you need to do is sign and mail out the amended tax returns!  Get the ultimate peace-of-mind with the following full-service process:

  • Receive a checklist of all the items necessary to complete your project,

  • Offsite preparation and completion of signature-ready amended tax returns with all required workpapers (and yes, we always sign all the tax returns we prepare as "Paid Preparer" because we stand behind the quality of our work),

  • Hardcopy and PDF copies of each completed amended tax return,

  • Certified green cards or proof of mailing cards with white slips completed and provided for each amended tax return package,

  • Excel spreadsheet inventory listing of all the amended tax returns prepared, their due dates and the resulting tax/refund impact,

  • Resolution of notices related specifically to the amended tax returns, AND

  • The real opportunity to receive all of your amended tax returns completed for a “net” ZERO cost by adding-on the Reverse Tax Audit service!

In many instances, the Reverse Tax Audit service produces sufficient tax benefits (i.e., tax refunds, carryover attributes, etc.) that equal or exceed the cost of the Amended State Tax Returns service. Please refer to the Reverse Tax Audits under the Services section of this website for more details.