Delinquent Tax Returns

Something happened in your life that took priority over filing tax returns.  One year led to another and another, and before you knew it, you hadn't filed the required tax returns for many years.  You're not alone and you'd be surprised how often EMD sees this happen!

Now what?  Maybe no one's contacted you about it yet.  Are you in the clear?  Will this problem ever go away on its own?  Unfortunately, no, this is a major problem and will only get worse and much more expensive to rectify the longer you wait to resolve it!  Eventually, a tax lien or garnishment will be placed on your property (bank accounts, home, paychecks, etc.) and/or you will have certain rights revoked (driver's license renewal, loans denied, businesses shut-down, etc.).

Delinquent tax returns are very different than current-year tax returns.  They need to be prepared/processed differently and handled very carefully to minimize your total liability.  EMD offers world-class Delinquent Tax Return services for the following:

  •  Federal Income Tax returns (personal/all entity types);

  •  State Income Tax returns (all states/cities);

  •  Sales/Use Tax returns (all states/cities);

  •  Property Tax returns (all states/cities);

  •  All other tax returns;

  •  See Tax Preparation services for additional info.

Before choosing a tax preparer, review the IRS guidance on choosing the proper tax preparer (IRS Link).  The fact remains that there is generally no one more qualified to properly prepare, review and fully defend your tax returns than a licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with a Master of Science in Taxation (MST) and 25+ years of full-time tax-related experience.  Don't gamble with your taxes!