Miscellaneous Services

If you're looking for a full-service CPA Tax Firm that offers their clients a one-stop shop for all tax-related services, look no further!!!  In addition to the main services previously highlighted, EMD also offers the following world-class Miscellaneous services:

  •  Temporary Business Leadership Services (CTO, CFO, CEO, etc.);

  •  U.S. Sales/Use Tax Services (all states/cities);

  •  Canadian (GST, PST, HST, QST) Sales Tax Services;

  •  Estate/Gift Tax Services (all states);

  •  Property Tax Services (all taxing jurisdictions);

  •  Value-Added Tax (VAT) Services;

  •  Annual Report Services w/Secretary of State (all states);

  •  Subcontractor Services (Forms 1099NEC, 1099MISC, 1096, etc.);

  •  Forensic Accounting Services (Suspected Fraud, Error-Tracing, etc.);

  •  Process Improvements;

  •  Negotiation Services;

  •  Sensitive Document Preparation;

  •  Interpreter/Translation Services (Portuguese & Spanish);

  •  Scanning Services;

  •  Computer/Software Training;

  •  Website Design;

  •  If you need assistance with something not listed, just ask!