Special Tax Projects

Most tax professionals go to work with a plan to attack their to do list, but know from experience that it's unlikely they'll be able to stick to plan because "fires" pop-up daily. In the end, the only thing that's certain is that everything will be expected to get done.  EMD's here to help with the following world-class special tax-related projects for your Income, Sales/Use and Property tax groups:

  • Temp Staffing (entry-level thru Chief Tax Officer) or Tax Training;

  • Create custom detailed tax manuals or summary matrixes/charts;

  • Tax Projections;

  • Tax software implementations/enhancements;

  • Tax process improvements;

  • Net Operating Loss studies & true-ups (IRC Section 382, C/Fs, etc.);

  • Voluntary Disclosure Agreements (VDAs);

  • Unclaimed property studies;

  • Create tax-basis balance sheets;

  • Tax credits & business incentives;

  • Cost Segregation studies;

  • Miscellaneous tax & administrative projects based on your needs.