State Tax Audit Assistance

Tax audits are risky and time consuming tasks that take you away from your day-to-day responsibilities.  As a result, many Fortune 1000 Tax Departments do not have sufficient resources to address the demands related to a state tax audit.  EMD offers the following world-class state tax audit services for Income, Sales/Use and Property tax audits:

Tax Audit Assistance

This service is designed so that you, or someone else designated within your tax group, can continue to be the point of contact with the auditors throughout the audit process, but merely need assistance handling the audit due to time constraints.  We can provide assistance with gathering information, researching issues that arise, drafting responses and/or other miscellaneous time consuming tasks.

Tax Audit Management

If mere assistance is not sufficient, EMD is also available to provide you with full audit management.  EMD will take responsibility for the audit management process, therefore freeing up your time to deal with other issues of higher priority.  Of course, you always remain the ultimate decision-maker, but will not be burdened with the time consuming day-to-day audit process.  We can handle all day-to-day auditor interaction, including auditor meetings, conference calls, negotiations, Information Document Requests (IDR’s), etc.  In addition, we can also gather information, research issues that arise, draft responses and/or handle other miscellaneous time consuming tasks.

Tax Audit Assessment Reduction

This service is designed so that you, or someone else designated within your tax group, manage the tax audit process, but has EMD take a second look at the proposed tax audit assessment before closing the audit and making payment.  We offer you a second set of eyes for material tax audit assessments, substantial tax benefit reductions, large penalties, etc.  In many cases, EMD is able to successfully assist you in defending the issues, reducing or eliminating the penalties and/or discovering offsetting issues elsewhere within the audit.  Depending on the circumstances, this service may even be available on a contingency basis, which means that you could receive this service for a “net” ZERO cost!