Tax Audits & Tax Bills

Tax audits are a reality.  They can occur via statistical sample ("random"), but usually occur due to certain risky items on your tax return (“red flags”) or because someone notified a taxing authority you're not following proper tax laws (“whistle-blowing”). 

Tax bills can also pop-up at any time.  They can result from a tax audit, but are usually generated from you making a mistake on your tax return, not filing a tax return or due to a difference in opinion between you and the taxing authority regarding the tax law.

Tax audits and tax bills are serious, can be very costly, and need to be handled very carefully with high-level expertise.  EMD offers world-class Tax Audits & Tax Bills services for the following: 

  •  Income/Franchise taxes (all states/cities);

  •  Estate/Inheritance taxes (all states/cities);

  •  Gift Taxes (all states/cities);

  •  Sales/Use taxes (all states/cities);

  •  Property taxes (all states/cities);

  •  All other tax types (individuals/businesses).