Tax Consultation

Change is inevitable, both good and bad.  It creates uncertainty, which is why you'll always need a trusted advisor who will carefully listen and provide you with the best guidance.  When it comes to personal and/or business tax-related matters, no one is more trusted and respected than EMD.  Get the ultimate peace-of-mind!  EMD offers world-class Tax Consultation services for the following tax-related topics:

  •  Tax law or tax research;

  •  Starting, buying, expanding, selling or closing a business;

  •  Multi-state issues (all states/cities);

  •  Delinquent tax returns;

  •  Tax audits or tax bills;

  •  Buying or Selling property;

  •  Gifts or inheritances;

  •  Retirement or retirement distributions;

  •  Stock purchases or sales;

  •  Marriages or divorces;

  •  Births or deaths;

  •  Budgets or Financial Goals;

  •  Foreclosures or Bankruptcies;

  •  Process improvements;

  •  All other Tax matters;

  •  All other Business matters;

  •  All other Financial matters.