Tax Preparation

Every year, millions of taxpayers make the costly mistake of not choosing their tax preparer wisely.  Many of these taxpayers prepare their own tax returns using online software.  Others pay national franchise-chain tax preparation companies or tax preparers who lack the ideal credentials.

Before choosing a tax preparer, review the IRS guidance on choosing the proper tax preparer (IRS Link).  The fact remains that there is generally no one more qualified to properly prepare, review and fully defend your tax returns than a licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with a Master of Science in Taxation (MST) and 25+ years of full-time tax-related experience.  Don't gamble with your taxes!

Crafty commercials, promos, costumes, slogans and gimmicks are simply created to strategically disguise the fact that the tax preparer lacks the ideal credentials to legally minimize your taxes and fully represent you, if needed.  If you currently utilize H&R Block, Liberty Tax, Jackson Hewlett, Turbo Tax (or any online tax software) or any tax preparer who is not a CPA with a MST and a minimum of 10 years of direct high-level tax experience to prepare your tax returns, upgrade to EMD ASAP!

There's even a very wide difference between experience levels among CPAs with MSTs, but Experience Makes the Difference.  Always focus on the actual tax preparer, not solely the CPA Tax Firm because the CPA Tax Firm may have been in business for 100+ years, but the actual tax preparer assigned to prepare your tax returns may have less than 10 years of direct high-level tax experience.  Tax laws can change daily and you need the ultimate peace-of-mind that your tax preparer can handle any/all of your tax situations, including fully defending your tax returns, if needed.  EMD offers the following world-class tax preparation: 

  • Federal/State/City tax returns actually prepared and signed by a CPA with MST and 25+ years of direct high-level tax experience in all states/cities, including multi-state filings within the same tax year.  These are all signature-ready tax returns.


  • Lowest tax results that you're legally entitled to pursuant to current tax law.


  • Speedy completion of your tax returns, usually within 5 business days of receipt.


  • Authorized IRS E-File Provider - get your refunds via direct deposit as fast as 7 business days or defer tax payments with auto-pay debit.


  • Receive a paper copy of your tax returns and the option to add-on a full PDF copy.


  • E-mail notification of your tax return results and a thorough explanation (via in-person, phone or virtual) with straight-forward answers to all your questions.


  • Generous & unlimited new Client referral credits, with a real opportunity to receive your entire tax preparation for FREE (see Referral Program for additional info).