Tax Research & Tax Notices

All too often, the Fortune 1000 Tax Department is one of the last departments to be notified of business changes within the organization, which forces them to react very quickly while tax laws are in a constant state of flux.  Tax research becomes crucial and tax notices pop-up often.  EMD offers the following world-class tax research and tax notice services for Income, Sales/Use and Property tax groups.

Tax Research:

  • Nexus and/or P.L. 86-272,

  • Taxability and/or Exemptions,

  • Tax law interpretation,

  • Tax Credits,

  • Tax Audits and Tax Appeals,

  • Mergers and Acquisitions,

  • Due Diligence,

  • Tax Minimization,

  • Tax Incentives,

  • Restructurings,

  • Forecasting Tax Liabilities,

  • Tax Consultation on any/all tax-related issues/topics.

Tax Notices:

  1. Create a detailed inventory list of all incoming notices,

  2. Scan each notice for easy access in your permanent file,

  3. Identify/document the underlying issues,

  4. With your authorization, resolve the underlying issues,

  5. If necessary, create all correspondence for taxing authorities,

  6. If applicable, request penalty waivers,

  7. Document/scan each notice resolution for easy access in your permanent file.