Year-End Tax Assistance

Year-end is a very stressful time because of all that needs to be done in such a short time-frame.  Most Fortune 1000 companies actually have two year-end closes.  They have a preliminary close after the 11th month of the year and the final close after the 12th month of the year. This creates double the work for an already difficult time of year. EMD offers the following world-class year-end tax assistance for your multi-state Income, Sales/Use and Property tax groups.

Income Tax Y/E (FAS 109 & FIN 48):

  • Effective Rate calculations;

  • Provision calculations;

  • Reserve analyses and substantiation;

  • Deferred Tax Roll-forward calculations;

  • NOL Valuation Allowance calculations;

  • Miscellaneous internal custom calculations/analyses.

Sales/Use Tax Y/E:

  • Review of exempt transactions and Exemption Certificate verifications;

  • Update system for new tax rates and tax law changes;

  • Review of sales data for potential nexus issues;

  • Payable/Clearing account reconciliations;

  • Miscellaneous internal custom calculations/analyses.

Property Tax Y/E:

  • Analyze annual additions/dispositions for Declarations;

  • Review additions for potential nexus issues;

  • Update system for new millage rates, assessment ratios & tax law changes;

  • Review each basis for assessment and substantiation for exemptions;

  • Miscellaneous internal custom calculations/analyses.